Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jaded Blossom Day 4 March Release

Welcome to Day 4 of the Jaded Blossom Release! These are such a must have for planners, calenders, or just giving the kids their own jobs before you go to work in the morning while on spring break or any break!
I decided to do some personal cleaning lists.

Here is the list with direct links of Jaded Blossom that I used!
Cleaning Icons (avail Friday)
Spring Cleaning (avail Friday)

Hope you enjoy! Make sure to check back in the morning for 1 more project before the Blog Hop tomorrow night!


Unknown said...

Great idea!! Almost makes cleaning fun......... almost!!!

Melissa said...

Very cute idea. :)

Wtchybtchym said...

To bad I didn't have something like this when the kids were younger. Wonder if it would work for them now. Great job, now go clean your room!

Sarah said...

Oh gosh these are so fun!

Michelle said...

cute ! im all for making kids do chores !! ;-) hahahha

Tina H said...

Love this idea! These are so cute!